What To Mix With Apple Juice?

Apples have long been a popular flavoring for cocktails. Whether it is apple cider, apple juice, or one of the delicious apple brandies, vodkas, or schnapps, the fruit makes an excellent base for mixed beverages. This recipe collection offers plenty for apple lovers, from the most popular apple cocktails to some lesser-known though equally fascinating drinks. So, what to mix with apple juice?

These apple juice cocktails are straightforward, with five fundamental ingredients you probably already have at home! They can be made ahead of time, making them incredibly excellent for Thanksgiving.

What To Mix With Apple Juice?

All year long, you can savor apple juice cocktails. However, they work exceptionally well in late summer and early autumn, when apples are in season, and we desire sweet drinks with warm spices. Here are some of my favorite apple juice cocktail recipes ideal for still-warm afternoons, chilly nights, or festive gatherings.

1. Apple-Juice Cocktails

Savor the crisp, delicious taste of fall with some of this apple juice cocktail.

This apple cocktail is made with vodka, apple juice, maple syrup, cinnamon, and lemon juice, and each drink is filled with warm, comforting flavors.

It’s precisely what you need for resting at home and catching up on family or friends.

Ingredients: Apple cider or juice, lemon juice, vodka, maple syrup, cinnamon, ice, and apple slices.

2. Rum And Apple Juice

Are you looking for a toasty apple cocktail to make your day cozier? Then, make up some rum and apple juice cocktails!

From the sweet, juicy apple to the cozy, rich rum flavors, this drink showcases the best of both worlds.

And the trace of spice from the cinnamon stick elevates the uniqueness of this beverage.

Ingredients: rum with spices, apple slices and juice, and cinnamon

3. Apple Juice Mojito

When feeling a bit down, you need a beverage that is both revitalizing and entertaining. And there is no superior alternative to this apple juice mojito!

Everyone will appreciate how well the apple juice, vodka, elderflower liqueur, and bitters blend.

And although it is technically not a mojito, it is vibrant and energizing.

Pro-tip: while mojito drink recipes don’t traditionally ask for a cocktail shaker, use one. It marries the constituents’ flavors much better.

Ingredients: Apple juice, vodka, lime juice, elderflower liqueur, mint, and flavored bitters.

4. Vodka And Apple Juice

Take your midday juice box up a notch with vodka.

You should keep this apple cocktail away from children, as they will perceive nothing but delicious apple juice.

But after one taste, the hit of alcohol is unmistakable.

Feel free to experiment with this pair to create something novel. Using cinnamon vodka, for instance, would be an excellent choice.

Or, if you can locate Absolut Juice Rhubarb, it completely changes the game!

Ingredients: Apple juice, vodka, and fresh herbs 

5. Spiced Apple Margaritas

We are looking for cocktail recipes to make your autumn party more festive.

This apple-spiked margarita will transport you to an autumnal paradise in no time.

The sweetness of the apples blends flawlessly with the cinnamon spice, and the tartness of the lime juice completes the dish.

Mix that with tequila for a robust, boozy kick, and you’re all set. Garnish this apple cocktail with tajin-dipped slices of apple and savor.

Ingredients: Reposado tequila, apple or cider, citrus juice, honey simple syrup, and cinnamon.

6. Appletini 

The Appletini is a cocktail that feels like an occasion in a glass.

Between the tart taste of apples and the spicy smoothness of vodka, it goes down effortlessly.

Add a dash of lemon juice to liven up the flavors, and serve it in an iced glass.

It’s the ideal apple cocktail for any event. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a night in with the family, the Appletini is an excellent option.

Ingredients: vodka, apple liqueur, juice, lemon juice

7. Honeycrisp Apples Sangria

This summer, instead of berry-filled pitchers, try this Honeycrisp apple sangria.

The fruit is sweet, the red wine is robust, and the fruity brandy is the cherry on top.

It has a trace of warmth from the cinnamon balanced by the bright, citrusy orange. What a fantastic pairing!

Serve a pitcher of this delectable sangria on any given day of the year, and it will succeed.

Ingredients: red wine, brandy, apple cider, cinnamon, orange juice and orange segments, club soda, and apple slices

8. Pear Martini

Pear martini? Give me some, please!

This drink is impossibly tasty and refreshing, and it appears just as good as it tastes!

It is a sweet delicacy created with pear vodka, lemon, apple juice, and cranberry juice.

Serve each glass with fresh pear slices and get set to take pictures. This apple cocktail is Instagram-worthy and sure to enliven your feed.

Ingredients: pear vodka, apple juice, cranberry juice, lemon, pear slices, a teaspoon of sugar

9. Juicy Apple Bourbon Fall Cocktail

Apples and whiskey are a match from fall heaven.

One is crisp and sweet, while the other is creamy and caramel-flavored. It makes a heck of a combination when brought together.

The maple syrup adds sweetness, while the lemon juice brightens the flavor.

Ingredients: bourbon, maple syrup, simple syrup, apple juice, apple slices

10. Apple Cider Mimosa

This sparkling apple cider mimosa is a refreshing and fruity variation on the classic brunch cocktail. 

This recipe calls for orange, pineapple, and apple juice instead of conventional, giving it a lovely tropical flavor.

Add some rich rosé cider and fresh mint, and you’ll get an extremely vibrant apple cocktail.

This drink is ideal for family gatherings and special occasions and will have everyone elevating their glasses.

Ingredients: Apple citrus pineapple juice, rose hard cider, apple slices, and mint. 

11. Apple Blossom Moscow Mule 

I have a profound appreciation for Moscow Mules and all of their variations.

So when I saw this recipe, I knew I had to attempt it ASAP. And yes, it’s just as delicious and refreshing as it sounds.

You’ll use a combination of apple vodka and apple juice for maximal fruity flavor.

And rather than ginger ale (which many recipes ask for), you’ll use ginger beer for a robust and spicy finish.

Ingredients: apple vodka, lemon juice, apple juice, ginger beer, apple & lemon slices, mint

12. Apple business

Contrary to the name, this Apple Business cocktail is all about enjoyment!

It specifies a bottle of Nolet’s silver dry gin, fruity and aromatic with peach and raspberry undertones.

If you do not like juniper-heavy beverages, this is the gin for you.

Add apple juice, lime juice, and honey, then mix over ice and enjoy. Everybody will enjoy it!

Ingredients: silver dry gin, apple juice, lime juice, honey or syrup, apple slices

13. Easy Mulled Wine

On a cold day, nothing compares to the sensation of warmth and comfort. And if anything induces this sense of coziness, it is mulled wine.

Complete with apple juice, red wine, sugar, and spices, it’s the ideal marriage of spice and sweetness.

A mug of this warm concoction is the ideal companion for snuggling up by the fireplace. Grab your reservation and settle in.

Ingredients: silver dry gin, sugar, apple juice, lime juice, honey or syrup, apple slices

Apple juice is mixable in a variety of ways. Combine it with effervescent water or club soda for a refreshing spritzer. Mix it with cinnamon or ginger for added flavor. Add a dash of lime or pineapple juice for a tropical twist.

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